Μαρία Καλλιμάνη

Maria Kallimani








• Angela (Angela, G. Sevastikoglou, director: Tassos Bandis)

• Perdida (Winter's Tale, Shakespeare, director: Vassilis Nikolaidis)

• Daughter (Ghost's Sonata,Au. Strindberg, director: Aspa Tobouli)

• Filamint (The Learned Ladies, Moliere, director: Theo Abazis)

• Mother (The days before you came, Andreas Flourakis, director: Giannis Moschos)

• Chryso (Flantro, Pantelis Horn, director: Vassilis Nikolaidis)

• Honey (Who's afraid of Virginia Woolf, E. Albee, director: Grigoris Valtinos)

• Hermione (Winter's Tale, Shakespeare, director: Lilo Baur)

• Queen ElinorePantolfo (King John, William Shakespeare, director: Nickos Hatzopoulos)

• Carol (Reunion, D. Mamet, director: Dimitris Katalifos)

• Loulou (The birthday party, H. Pinter, director: Antonis Antypas)

• Woman (The Small Things, E. Walsh, director: Vicky Georgiadou)

• Una (Blackbird, D. Harrower, director: Vicky Georgiadou)

• Anna (Vassa, Maxim Gorky, director: Stathis Livathinos)

• Theta (Mud, Vaggelis Hatzigiannidis, director: Lily Meleme)

• Reality, director: Angela Brouskou 

• Andromache (Women of Troy, Euripides, director: Vangelis Theodoropoulos)

• Untold - the language of G. Cheimonas, director: Takis Tzamargias

• The crazy of Salpetriere's hell, director: Anna Dimitriadi

• NurseHead of the Chorus (Medea, Euripides, director: Antonis Antypas)

• Stallerin (Stallerhof, F. X. Kroetz, director: Vangelis Theodoropoulos)

• Agnetha (Frozen, Bryony Lavery, director Panos Kokkinopoulos)

• The burrow, Frantz Kafka, director Vicky Georgiadou

• Millie  (The Browning Version, Terence Rattigan, director Eleni Skoti)

 The Neighbour (woman), the Maid (Blood wedding, Federico García Lorca, director Lena Kitsopoulou)

 .Woman 2 (Forgive me, Α. and Κ. Κoufali, director Α. Κarazisis, Νational theatre)





 Notias, director T. Boulmetis, (post-production)

 Suntan, director A. Papadimitropoulos, 2015

 Interruption, director G. Zois, 2014 (world Premiere in the 72nd Venice International Film Festival - Orizzonti Competition, September 2015, 56th Thessaloniki International Film Festival, November 2015 )

 At home, director: Thanassis Karanikolas, 2013 (Ecumenical Prize in the Forum section of the 64th Berlin International Film Festival, on February 2014, Best Actress Award, Hellenic Film Academy, 2015)

 Stratos, director: Yannis Economides, 2013 (world Premiere in the Competition section of the 64th Berlin International Film Festival, on February 2014)

Miss violence, director: Alexandros Avranas, 2013 (Silver Lion at the 70th Venice International Film Festival, the Volpi Cup for Best Actor, the Best Screenplay award at the 24th International Film Festival in Stockholm)

• The eternal return of Antonis Paraskevas, director: Elina Psikou, 2012

(first award at Karlovy Vary International Film Festival - Works in progress, 2012, official participation in Berlin International Film Festival - Forum, 2013)

• Beatitudes, director: Aristotelis Marangos, 2012 (short film)

• TRFCK, director: Zissis Kokkinidis, Yannis Papaspirou, 2012 (short film)

• Welcome to All Saints, director: Sotiris Goritsas, 2011

• Knifer, director: Yannis Economides, 2010 (15th Βusan International Film Festival, 27th Haifa International Film Festival, several Greek Film Academy awards, Orpheus award at Los Angeles Greek Film Festival, nomination for best actress award from the Greek Film Academy)

• Homeland, director: Syllas Tzoumerkas, 2010

(25th Venice International Film Critics’ Week)



TV series

• Night News, director: Panos Κοkkinopoulos, 1998

• En Iordanei, director: Pigi Dimitrakopoulou, 2005

• Ten, director: Pigi Dimitrakopoulou (adaptation of M. Karagatsis novel “Ten”), 2008



Higher education

• BA in Archeology and History of Art, National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, 1987-1992

• Embros School of Dramatic Art, 1992-1996



• Archeology and history of Art, Nanterre, Paris X, (French Institute of Athens)

• Butoh workshop with Iwana Massaki



• Greek

• English

• French (Sorbonne II, History of Art, French Institute of Athens)


2010 - present

2010 - present